Celebrated Summer


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January 2014


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“Isolated and longing to connect, Chuck Forsman’s Wolf reminds me of other great characters like Charlie Brown and Holden Caulfield. Celebrated Summer is a primal scream drawn in a casual, hypnotic monotone. Few comics are this soulful. Few cartoonists can make work this assured.” – James Sturm

• Ranked #1 on The A.V. Club’s Best Graphic Novels and Art Comics of 2013

This original graphic novella is a funny and moving story of escalating humor and tension between two disaffected teens, Mike and Wolf, who take a spontaneous summer road trip after dropping acid. As the stark black and white of Forsman’s cartooning indicates, however, this is not a psychedelic,
Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby kind of trip. Instead of the escapism they crave from their fragile home lives, the LSD only heightens their sense of ennui, exacerbates their fears about the world they’re about to enter as adults, and creates doubts about everything they think they know.

Though not entirely what they bargained for, will Mike and Wolf look back on their adventure as part of the “celebrated summer” of their never-to-be-recaptured youth, or a carelessly wasted part of the best years of their lives? Or both?

Charles Forsman is also the author of the critically acclaimed
The End of the Fucking World.

“I love the spare elegance of Chuck’s storytelling style. I also love, in this book in particular, his relaxed approach to examining the lives of his characters.” – Chester Brown

“Unexpectedly, almost secretly lovely,
Celebrated Summer has a sadness and listlessness at its core that resonates much louder...Forsman gets in and out quickly, not making more of this tale of suburban apathy than needs making, which only makes his story that much more poignant.” – Katie Haegele, Santa Barbara News Press

“Forsman is a master of silences - few cartoonists are as articulate with words left unsaid - and this utterly recognizable and deceptively simple story speaks volumes without saying much at all.” – Josh, Locust Moon Comics

• Ranked #15 on The Best Comics of 2013 by Timothy Callahan of
Comic Book Resources

• Ranked #11 on Rob Clough’s Best of 2013: Top 25 Long-Form Comics at High-Low

• One of Locust Moon’s Top 40 Comics of 2013

• One of Kelly Froh’s Best Comics of 2013 at the Atomic Books Blog

• Ranked #3 on the Lucky’s Comics 2013 Customer Poll



Broken Frontier

•Comic book website

“One of the most quietly powerful comics I’ve read for some time.”

Publishers Weekly

•Publishing trade magazine

“Forsman’s art is simple and effective, capturing Wolf’s grief and Mike’s carefree nature. While Mike laughs his way through this post–high school summer, Wolf is clearly very much in the moment, recognizing that this time in his life is passing by. Simpler and less dramatic than his previous, similarly themed TEOTFW, Forsman has built another excellent account of growing up via outsider behavior.”

The Comics Journal

•American comics magazine

“Celebrated Summer is a quiet, funny-sad character study in which what isn’t said speaks volumes; its broader subject is the liminal state of teenagers standing uneasily on the cusp of adulthood and responsibility, anxious or just plain numb at the prospect of leaving the ‘carefree’ days of childhood behind forever … It’s a simply told but resonant slice of all-too-real life.”