Corpse on the Imjin!


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June 2014


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Ranked #1 on The AV Club’s Best Graphic Novels and Art Comics of 2012 – Top 5 Archival Collections

“EC had no fear of getting political, long before comics ‘grew up.’ … Fantagraphics’ EC Comics Library is a must-own for anyone who considers themselves a serious comics fan … Thoroughly researched and meticulously detailed, Kurtzman’s stories are grim stuff in an era when most Americans believed their country could do no wrong … Grade-school boys reading these dark tales at the time must have had their minds completely blown.” – Coury Turczyn,
Spa Fon

The creation of
MAD would have been enough to cement Harvey Kurtzman’s reputation as one of the titans of American comics, but Kurtzman also created two other comics landmarks: the scrupulously-researched and superbly-crafted war comics Two-Fisted Tales and Frontline Combat. Here were finally war comics without heroic, cigar-chomping sergeants, wisecracking privates from Brooklyn, or cartoon Nazis and “Japs” to be mowed down by the Yank heroes, but an unflinching look at the horror and madness of combat throughout history.

Kurtzman employed some of the finest of the EC artists including Jack Davis, John Severin, and Wallace Wood, but his vision came through clearest in the dozen or so stories he both wrote and drew himself, in his uniquely bold, slashing, cartoony-but-dead-serious style (“Stonewall Jackson”, “Iwo Jima”, “Rubble”, “Big ‘If ’”, and Kurtzman’s own favorite, “Air Burst”) – as well as his vividly colored, narratively-dense covers, all 23 of which are reproduced here in full color in a special portfolio.

Corpse on the Imjin! is rounded off with a dozen or so stories written and laid out by Kurtzman and drawn by “short-timers”, i.e. cartoonists whose contributions to his war books only comprised a story or two – including such giants as designer extraordinaire Alex Toth, Marvel comics stalwart Gene Colan, and a pre-Sgt. Rock Joe Kubert... and such unexpected guests as “The Lighter Side of...” MAD artist Dave Berg and DC comics veteran Ric Estrada – as well as a rarity: a story by EC regular John Severin inked by Kurtzman.

Like every book in the Fantagraphics EC line,
Corpse on the Imjin! features extensive essays and notes on these classic stories by EC experts – but Kurtzman’s stories, as vital, powerful, affecting, and even, yes, modern today as when they were created 60 years ago, are what makes this collection a must-have for any comics reader.

“Kurtzman’s thoughtful, more realistic and human depictions of war were in stark contrast with the competing gung-ho war comics of the day that glorified war.” – Mark Frauenfelder,



The Comics Journal

•American comics magazine

“If comics are any kind of art at all, it’s the art of ordinary people. With regard to Kurtzman’s war comics, don’t forget that the artists on those books were nearer to the real thing than you and I will ever be.” – Eddie Campbell

The Sunday Telegraph

•UK newspaper

“All the smart people loved Harvey’s work; the dumb people didn’t.” – Terry Gilliam

TIME magazine

•News and entertainment magazine

“Harvey Kurtzman has been the single most significant influence on a couple of generations of comics artists…” – Richard Corliss