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December 2010


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“Another fantastic biography from SelfMadeHero... a smashing book from two rising talents.” – The Bookseller

“If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you're going to be locked up...”

Over the course of Hunter S. Thompson’s extraordinary life he was publicly branded a bum, a vandal, a thief, a liar, an addict, a freak and a psychopath. Only some of which are true. Even in a 20th century crowded with celebrity, his legacy retains a brilliantly vital force.

The great American iconoclast, the great American outlaw, the great American hedonist... However you choose to view him, Thompson remains the high-water mark for all social commentators the world over, and a truly fearless champion of individual liberties.

This is his story... the story of a troubled kid from Louisville, Kentucky, who went on to become an international icon. This is a story that charts the legendary heights of so-called “Gonzo Journalism”, plumbs the darkest depths of American politics, and presents a lifestyle beyond imagination.

This exclusive digital edition is supplemented with extra artwork, sketches, notes and audio commentaries from Anthony Hope-Smith.

“With taut and evocative writing from Will Bingley and superb black and white illustrations from Anthony Hope-Smith,
Gonzo is a meth-soaked journey down the path of self-destruction that defined 20th century counter culture.” – Esquire

“Rigid, intense copy by Will Bingley and evocative black and white artwork from Anthony Hope-Smith.
Gonzo – A Graphic Biography of Hunter S. Thompson brings this enraged, politically charged romantic’s life into full focus documenting him from birth foul-mouthed and full-circle through oddball activism, misplaced love and ‘king-high’ drug abuse to his untimely, tragic suicide. We’re calling it ‘a must’.” – Maxim

“Hope-Smith’s art is beautifully realized. Thompson is rendered not as a the hedonistic outlaw superman of legend but as a twitchy and surprisingly sensitive human being… Those readers who are familiar with Thompson’s work will see certain scenes played out from a new perspective.” –
The Wall Street Journal



Forbidden Planet

•Comics retailer

“Gonzo is spmething of a tour de force – a celebration of every aspect of the man’s life, yet not afraid to shine a light on his darker moments … It’s a brilliant, quite magnificent graphic novel … a fascinating biography, a triumph of a graphic novel and a beautifully realised picture of a unique man.”

Paul Gravett

•Comics journalist and curator

“In a partnership and style reminiscent of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, Hope-Smith complements Bingley’s texts with strong brushwork and predominantly widescreen compositions. The team make good use of the gaps between what is said and what is shown to create irony and counterpoint. Theirs is the perfect language to evoke Thompson’s fierce, angry intelligence that made him one of the modern world’s most outspoken and courageous commentators and defenders of liberties.”

The Guardian

•UK national newspaper

“The graphic biography is usually an unimaginative affair, merely illustrating episodes from the subject's life in the most obvious way. Even on a purely visual level, the images fail to equal the power of historical photography. Gonzo sidesteps this problem with a verve worthy of Hunter S. Thompson himself. Text and image interact and collide with audacious, intuitive logic, capturing the essence rather than ticking the boxes. And when you get to the end, you realise the whole damn thing was pulled off without a single cliché.”