Lost Dogs


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Long out of print, Jeff Lemire's Xeric-Award-winning
Lost Dogs now returns in a newly remastered edition, soaked with blood and ink. This 103-page mythic yarn follows a family man who's larger than life... but even he may not be powerful enough to prevent the loss of everything he's ever known.

Bold, brutal, and emotionally raw,
Lost Dogs represents an acclaimed storyteller's first professional work – an early exhibition of the gifts that have made his Essex County and Sweet Tooth so phenomenally popular.

“Pure pulp pugilism.” –
Rue Morgue

Lost Dogs is rough, it is raw as hell, but it's rough like a bareknuckle fist fight and raw like a rusty knife into your gut... Lemire's stories pour out of him on to the page, his id spilling out into the world.” – From the introduction by Timothy Callahan

Originally published in July 2012



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“If you aren't familiar with Jeff Lemire's work, you should remedy that as soon as possible. Ever since his Xeric award-winning debut, Lost Dogs, Lemire has produced haunting, powerful, joyous, and tragic tales of life on the outskirts. His stories don't take place inside the urban maze of ennui, or even the suburban despair so often associated with ‘alternative’ comics. Often set against a bleak rural landscape, Lemire's tales capture the simple complexity of small-town life, often exploring the relationships that bind people together, augmented by a heady dose of memory and imagination.”

Forbidden Planet

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“If I had to choose one word to encapsulate Jeff Lemire’s debut, Lost Dogs, it would be raw. Raw in art, raw in power and raw in impact. It may be a trite comment, but you can’t imagine more polished artwork packing the emotional punch that the rough, visceral nature of Lemire’s early work does. Lost Dogs was Lemire’s third attempt in trying to get his comics published via a Xeric Grant and whilst his early entries are not available to judge, you can see why this one won.”

Page 45

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“The brush is laden with ink in as it's swept across the page, and the cart scene at the docks is beautiful – a real sense of light, the scenery distilled to all that's necessary. Fine use of grey as well, and I like the pale red on Ulric's vest. So who is Ulric? He's a hulk of a farmer, effectively mute, who finds his idyllic rural existence with his beautiful wife and daughter torn apart after a confrontation in the coastal town.”