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October 2014


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“Graphic journalism at its very best.” – Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

Darryl Cunningham’s latest investigation, Supercrash: How to Hijack the Global Economy, takes us to the heart of free-world politics and the financial crisis, as he traces the roots of bankrupt countries to the domination of right-wing policies and the people who created them.

Cunningham draws a fascinating portrait of the New Right and the charismatic Ayn Rand, whose soirees were attended by the young Alan Greenspan. He shows how the Neo-Cons hijacked the economic debate and led the way to a world dominated by the market. Smaller countries, such as Greece, have paid the price for joining a club that held impossible membership rules.

He examines the neurological basis of political thinking, and asks why it is so difficult for us to change our minds – even when faced with powerful evidence that a certain course of action is not working. Cunningham’s spare yet eloquent prose, perfectly complemented by the beauty and clarity of his artwork, delivers a devastating analysis of our economic world.

“Cunningham’s crisp, clever graphics, symbols and examples demystify the complexities of credit default swaps, hedge funds and other devices behind the crash. He challenges the way we think and resist change, even when the alternative is disaster...
Supercrash is a hugely readable, revelatory condemnation and call to arms.” – Paul Gravett, The Independent

“A remarkable read, visually clever and inventive… [an] eminently readable work on an important subject. I don’t think it is hyperbole to say Darryl has, for me, become to this explanatory branch of reportage comics what Sacco has become to war zone reportage, in that he shows all sides of a problem in a way the reader can understand, while never losing track of the human aspect in the complex issues involved, and all delivered in a way that only the comics medium can do... Darryl’s unique comic art takes the reader easily into the heart of complex matters that have important influences on everyone’s lives and makes it understandable visually as well as with words.” – Joe Gordon,
Forbidden Planet

“Cunningham’s pithy prose and funky art tell a complex, important tale. He connects the dots from Ayn Rand to Alan Greenspan to the mess we’re in today, tackling tangled subjects with clarity and zing.” 
 Michael Goodwin, author of Economix

“Remarkable, informed, accurate and incisive… At last there is a single, readable, beautiful book that explains to the generation that came of age after 2008 what happened, why it happened, and why it will happen again.” 
 Danny Dorling, author of Inequality and the 1%

“It takes other authors whole books to say what Darryl can say in a single sentence.” – Jon Ronson

“Darryl Cunningham continues his comics crusade to untangle lies, myths, and misconceptions... As usual, he does so with wit, charm, and quiet persistence.” – Scott McCloud

“Cunningham’s charming artwork complements his concise arguments... leaving little to distract the reader from the exposition, delivered in stripped-back, staccato prose.” –
New Scientist



Forbidden Planet

•Comics retailer

“It’s good to see the arguments presented so well, clearly and concisely… Cunningham delivers his message with style, great art, even moments of outright comedy.”

Paul Gravett

•Comics journalist and curator

“A graphic novel the world REALLY needs!”

The Independent

•British newspaper

“Cunningham’s art ... has clean lines and a continuity that is often graceful, charming and endearing. He speaks with quiet authority on his subjects, but is careful to cite a whole range of sources and research papers.”