The Children of Palomar


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September 2013


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“This may be Gilbert Hernandez's best work so far. Minimal without seeming spare and a huge argument for the 'comics as literature' thing having some traction.” – Kevin Church

This is
The Children of Palomar, part of the Love & Rockets library.

The Children of Palomar
is Gilbert Hernandez's much-anticipated return to the small Central American town of Palomar, more than a decade after his last “Heartbreak Soup” story. Originally released as a three-issue magazine series titled New Tales of Old Palomar in the acclaimed international “Ignatz” format, these stories are finally collected into one handsome book.

All of these stories deal with the classic characters of Palomar such as sweet Pipo, her sharp-tongue sister Carmen, sheriff Chelo, and the gang of boys who help start it all: studious Heraclio, tall and fey Israel, disfigured but goodnatured Vicente, and girl-crazy Jesús and Satch.

In the first story, “Children of Palomar,” mysterious, fast-moving thieves are stealing food from wherever they can grab it; Sheriff Chelo and some citizens do their best to solve this mystery, but nobody seems to be able to catch these bandits in action until Pipo puts her soccer-trained legs to work and goes after them herself. In the second, Gato, Soledad, Guero, Pintor, and Arturo go exploring a bottomless chasm and come face to face with... well, we won’t spoil the surprise. The third and last story focuses on one of Palomar’s most beloved characters, the gorgeous but troubled Tonantzín: Everybody in Palomar seems to take the supernatural with a grain of salt, but young Tonantzín is determined to uncover the mystery of the laughing baby that only appears to her, haunting her daily life. What is the baby’s link to the giant stone idols that stand outside the small town...?

“As Hernandez matures, he's expanding his style of storytelling into something close to the work of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Harumi Murakami and other creators of haunted landscapes where reality becomes a question of perception rather than a set of objective facts.” –
San Francisco Chronicler

“You don't need to know the back story of
Love and Rockets to love these, nor do you even need to read them in order — each issue works totally on its own. (In fact, this is a pretty good introduction to Beto's world, and it's mostly kid-friendly to boot.) Taken together, though, the miniseries gives proof that the cartoonist's universe is as weird, wonderful, and expansive as any community cooked up by William Faulkner or Wendell Berry.” – Favorite Comics of 2007, Quiet Bubble



Comics Bulletin

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"I've been visiting Palomar all my adult life, and the town still holds secrets for me … The Children of Palomar is rich in ideas and smart storytelling. As usual, Gilbert Herandez delivers an outstanding collection of stories." – Jason Sacks

Publishers Weekly

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"An engaging collection of vignettes full of magical realism and compelling characters. Whether trouble is caused by two possibly supernatural orphans, a ghost baby, or bizarre scientists whose nefarious plans involve stealing eyes and prophesying death, the people of Palomar rise to confront the unnatural around them."

The Comics Reporter

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"Some of Gilbert's loveliest art ever."