VerityFair Part 2


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July 2014


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A slightly twisted soap opera with the merest dash of X-Files, VerityFair tells the story of Verity Bourneville, a 40-something semi-talented actress and full-time extrovert, in her quest for success and a good night’s sleep.

“An exhilarating comedy-drama...”
–– Q Magazine

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“Terry Wiley’s
VerityFair is a great series, full of everything that always made his comics such a joy for me; packed with character (and characters), colourful language (even more colourful behaviour), a great cast and above all a sense that these are genuine, people, real people.” – Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet

Panel Nine presents
VerityFair Part 2: Pink Elephants, the second part of the acclaimed graphic novel from Terry Wiley. Pink Elephants follows on from Part 1: Custard Creams, and tells the story of Verity Bourneville, a 40-something semi-talented actress and full-time extrovert, in her quest for success and a good night’s sleep.

This book collects together almost 100 pages of comics comprising the whole of
VerityFair Part 2 – originally published in print in three chapters. In Custard Creams we were introduced to happy-go-lucky middle-aged actress Verity Bourneville. Verity has been having enough trouble trying to find a decent part to pay the rent without also being plagued by a mysterious nightmare about her old deceased classmate Lucy Sherman. With the help of her on/off boyfriend Maurice ‘Mo Sevens’ and psychiatrist friend Doc Truck, she tries to get to the bottom of the mystery! Everything seems to be going OK until she receives a call from another old school friend, Una, breaking the news that Lucy has just died… but isn’t Lucy dead already?

Only available digitally via SEQUENTIAL, this is an exclusive expanded version boasting a whole host of special features. Almost every comics page has audio commentary recorded by Terry Wiley, and we’ve included a whole host of extras including sketches, artwork and stories.

Terry Wiley is the artist behind
Sleaze Castle and is the best British comics artist you may never have heard of. With a tight-knit and dedicated group of admirers from within the comics community and others in the know, Terry has been described as “an unheralded star”, “astonishingly brilliant”, and the creator of “magnificent, funny, perfect comics”.



Bryan Talbot

•Author of Grandville

“I've followed Terry Wiley's strips for decades… and, quite frankly, nobody else produces comic stories that are anywhere similar to his. They are unique, well-crafted, character-driven comics, filled with humour, incident and emotion.”

Paul Gravett

•Comics journalist and curator

“Look out, Verity Bourneville doesn't so much break 'the fourth wall' to address you directly, as demolish it and grab you to join her and her mates for all sort of escapades inside the panels.”

Q Magazine

•UK music and culture magazine

"An exhilarating comedy-drama... If this were a TV sitcom, the audacious, ebullient Bourneville would be hailed as an era-defining character up there with Liz Lemon from 30 Rock or Ab Fab's Edina. VerityFair is one of the best of today's comedies – in any medium."