Love & Rockets: New Stories 4


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October 2011


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This is Love and Rockets: New Stories #4, part of the Love and Rockets library.

After nearly 30 years,
Love and Rockets just keeps getting better, and this issue of the annual third incarnation finds the Brothers Hernandez at the peak of their storytelling powers.

Jaime Hernandez's emotionally powerful stories in the last issue of
Love and Rockets: New Stories (“The Love Bunglers” and “Browntown”) were among the most critically-acclaimed comics of the year. In this new issue, Jaime ups the ante even more. The final chapters of “The Love Bunglers” continue tracking Maggie's romantic travails in the here and now, with an escalating series of entanglements and a shocking event which sends things hurtling to a stunning conclusion over the breathtaking and heartrending final ten pages. Nestled in the midst of this is the masterful “Return for Me,” a sequel of sorts to “Browntown” in which teenage Maggie returns to Hoppers and a new life.

Meanwhile, on the Gilbert side, things lead off with the 35-page cover story “King Vampire”: Two lovable teens, Cecil and Trini, want to join a local vampire club, but real vampires show up and things get deadly serious. Cecil loves it but Trini has her doubts about going all the way. It's another starring role for budding starlet “Killer” — and one of those vampires looks an awful lot like a certain Z-movie actress from Gilbert's post-Palomar world… Then
High Soft Lisp's Fritz returns in “And Then Reality Kicks In,” a 15-page walk-and-talk in which Fritz reunites with an old beau. This complex and layered dialogue may be Gilbert's finest piece of writing yet.

Plus an all-star all-cartoonists letters column!

• Winner of three 2012 Ignatz Awards: Outstanding Artist — Jaime Hernandez; Outstanding Story — “Return for Me” by Jaime Hernandez; Outstanding Series

• Named Best Comic of 2011: Graphic Novels & Art Comics – New Issues by
The A.V. Club

• Named best comic of 2011 by
The Austin American-Statesman

• Named the Best Comic of 2011 by

• Named the Best Graphic Novel of 2011 by
The Oklahoman

• One of
Publishers Weekly's ten Best Comics of 2011

• Ranked #4 on
Comic Book Resources' Top 100 Comics of 2011

• #7, Best Books of 2011: Comics & Graphic Novels Top 10

• #5, Best Books of 2011: Comics & Graphic Novels Top 10




•Literary review magazine

"… Every bit as satisfying as the peak years of the long-running series.... A quarter-century after Love and Rockets first rocked the alt-comics world, both brothers remarkably remain at the top of their game." — Gordon Flagg

Publishers Weekly

•Publishing trade magazine

"In the 30 years they’ve been writing and drawing Love and Rockets, Los Bros Hernandez have created wonderfully complex story lines and characters... This web of superior magical-realistic storytelling involves readers in the perplexed yearnings of a huge cast of unforgettable characters unaware of their own capacity for general self-delusion and occasional self-discovery."

The AV Club

•Pop-culture website

“There are acclaimed filmmakers and novelists who can't do what Jaime Hernandez does — or Gilbert, for that matter. When the two of them are at their most inspired, as they are here, they make almost every other comics creator today look like a fumbling hack. [Grade] A."